Sex Week Zine

What is a zine?

a zine is a crowd-sourced, short, magazine that captures a topic from as many and different perspectives as possible. zines have been used as mediums for personal expression, activism, and more for decades.


The Sex Week Zine aims to capture any and all topics related to sexual health and sex positivity in a creative manner. We asked people from the diverse Tulane Community to submit their creative works and compiled those in a manner meant to celebrate and promote the  inclusive and sex positive experience that is Sex Week.

Our Zine

What is in the Sex Week Zine?

The works found in the Sex Week Zine are those that can be captured digitally or in print, exploring any topic related to sexual health, sexual identity, and sexual positivity and inclusion.

Example works include writing, photography, poetry, artwork, infographic, lyrics, collage, spoken word, how-to, cartoon, storytelling, interactive work, or links to performing arts. Some works are contemplative and some are funny! We simply wish to provide a positive platform for the Tulane University community to be heard.