Meet Our 2024 Team


Health Promotion Specialist

Chelsea Hill is one of the Health Promotion Specialists at the Well for Health Promotion. Chelsea currently oversees a variety of health promotion and education programming, as well as Advises the TUPHE and TU4EB organizations. Chelsea sees sex positivity as a remedy in helping to counteract shame by focusing on pleasure and consent. She strongly believes that consensual sexual activity can be a source of joy, connection, intimacy and fun. Chelsea is looking forward to Tulane coming together again to create safe spaces to be free and have conversations about all things sex! 


Senior Sex Week Coordinator

Adnah is a Junior at Tulane University double majoring in Psychology and Sociology from Seattle, WA. She is interested in both educating and learning about Sexual Violence Prevention and Safer Sex education for college students. Adnah defines sex positivity as being able to create a space where people feel free of judgment when it comes to sex and sexuality. She looks forward to creating a Sex Week that is both inclusive and educational.


Sex Week Zine & Marketing Coordinator

Teigen is a Senior at Tulane majoring in Sociology with a minor in Public Health. To her, sex positivity means supporting all individuals to explore, embrace, and celebrate their sexuality in whatever way they find satisfying for themself and any partner(s) they may have. Teigen is also the Hotline Manager of SAPHE (the Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education group). She believes sex-positive, sexual health education is both a path towards more fulfilling sexual experiences, and an avenue for sexual violence prevention. Teigen can’t wait to see the Tulane community enjoy all the activities planned for Sex Week 2024!


Faculty Liaison Coordinator

Em is a Senior at Tulane majoring in Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies. She is intently committed to studying the sociology of sexuality, sexual & social cultures, and emerging masculinities. Em believes sex positivity is about embracing safe, consensual sex in all the forms it may take, viewing them all as healthy and normal, to create a more capacious understanding of what sex is and can be. She is incredibly excited to help design on-campus programming that brings the Tulane community together to participate in an ongoing, communal conversation about sex and sexual health.


Student Organization Liaison Coordinator

Ella is a sophomore at Tulane University with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Public Health and Gender & Sexuality Studies. She is incredibly passionate about health education with a focus on sexual identity, healthy relationships, and consent education. To Ella, sex positivity means feeling comfortable and confident in your body and identity, and in expressing these and your love for them through sensuality and sexuality. Sex positivity means feeling welcome in a space to speak about sex and sexuality. Sex positivity is safe, educated, and loving!